Questions to Ask Your Custom Homes Builder in Utah

Getting a custom home built represents not just a significant time investment but a considerable financial one too. What’s probably even more important is that you place your trust in the Custom Homes Builder in Salt Lake City, Utah who is going to handle the project. He will help you build the house of your dreams and a home that you will be living in for a number of years. Harvest Homes Custom Home Builder’s have been serving the Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo, and Ogden Areas for more than 20 years.

Things To Consider

This is exactly why it becomes important to choose your builder with care. In this respect, its best to understand how the Custom Homes Builder in Utah will be handling the project; whether he has the necessary experience and a good reputation in the industry. Here are some questions you should be asking him:

  1. How long have you been operating in Utah?

When you are hiring a builder for your custom home, it’s very similar to hiring a long-term employee. You need to understand the amount of experience the person has had, what the company’s work history is etc. Hiring a local builder like Harvest Homes, helps in moving your project at a better pace. The builder should have a deep understanding about all the local codes so that the construction of your home takes place without a glitch.

  1. Are you able to give me a timeline for the project?

The contractor you hire should be able to provide you with a firm start date as well as a tentative completion date – this should also include all the major milestones while the work is in progress.  The company should be able to provide you a broad timetable of the work as well as a complete material list. Check on how the builder plans on keeping you in the loop about progress of the work.

  1. How are change orders (if any) handled & processed?

There could be times when you need to make some changes to the exiting specifications which will incur additional charges. Ask the builder about the change process order he follows and communication on this front has to be clear.

Other Considerations

In addition, check about how site supervision & sub- contractors will be handled and who your “go-to” person will be while the project is in progress. We at Harvest Homes are very clear and precise when it comes to timelines, supervision, budgeting and communication. While the above are just some questions to ask, finding a reputable builder in Utah is hard. Do your research, look for negative reviews online, seek people out that have had work done by the builder are just some more resources for you when considering a new custom home.

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